Our History


The Asociación de Artistas Visuales de la República Argentina

The Asociación de Artistas Visuales de la República Argentina aims to meet the requirements, in all its aspects, so that artists can develop their activity.
Throughout these fifteen years there have been actions of different character from which artists, consecrated and emerging participated. All of them dealt with different social, political and economic problems of our country, issues related to public health, natural resources in danger, the theme of the other, survival in precariousness, gender, light and the identity.
We believe that there are many issues to be developed with regard to cultural and economic policies regarding visual arts. We have talked with other artists, with various institutions linked to art, such as the “bases” that we are art workers to advance and increase our cultural presence inside and outside the country
We propose to promote the Visual Arts which implies the creation of the National Institute of Visual Arts and others that would facilitate our daily tasks.
We have the conviction that we will not stop and that together with all the artists and the entities that group them, we will achieve the status that corresponds to us as Argentine visual artists.
We do it for our national identity, for our well-being and all of us who are part of our country.