Artists with solidarity spirit paint beds to help hospitals

They sold for $ 200 each; the proceeds will go to the Paroissien de La Matanza hospital
 There was no room for a pin at the opening of the Las Camitas show, at the Recoleta Cultural Center, where a unique show will be on display until the end of January.
 The initiative with solidarity aims arose within the Association of Visual Artists of Argentina, at the close of a very favorable year in the field of culture. More than 500 artists adhered to the proposal and involved toy beds that were sold at 200 pesos each.
 People bought a voucher and on Thursday night, at the Recoleta Center, the lottery was carried out before a notary public to determine which bed each one had to play.
 Josefina Robirosa, Luis Felipe Noé, Juan Carlos Distéfano, Rogelio Polesello, Carolina Antoniadis, Jorge Gamarra, León Ferrari and Silvia Rivas, among others, were encolumnized behind the slogan launched by Nora Correas: “A work of art for you is a work good for those who need it most ”.
 Correas, a sculptor from Mendoza with an outstanding career who participated in the last Biennial of Buenos Aires at the National Museum of Fine Arts, admitted in dialogue with LA NACION that the echo of the proposal was immediate.

“The artists wanted to collaborate, do something concrete in a moment of extreme need, where there is a lot of hollow speech, many empty words pronounced to look good. We wanted to do something concrete and help from our work, art, ”he said.
 The artists called their friends artists and these, in turn, theirs and thus created the solidarity chain that will benefit the Paroissien hospital, located in La Matanza, where 1.4 million people live and more than half of the People are below the poverty line.
 The camitas are the classic doll, wire, 40 x 23 cm and were in a shed where Nora Correas planned to move her workshop. In the same sample, 20 works by photographers that record the country's health reality are exhibited and sold. The photographs are sold at 70 pesos each.
 The Las Camitas project was done in the last five months and part of the task was to conduct a thorough investigation of the health situation. The choice of a conurbano hospital was dictated by necessity: that is where there are fewer resources.
 The organizing committee is composed of Elda Cerrato, Marcelo Cofone, Nora Correas, Diana Dowek, Ricardo Longhini, Ana Maldonado, Margarita Paksa, Mabel Ruggiero and Leo Vinci, and had the collaboration of Miguel Frías, a well-known cultural operator linked to the activity in the province of Buenos Aires for its friendship with Teresa Solá, wife of the governor. A small catalog was published and texts that analyze the health situation of the province can be read on the walls of the exhibition halls.
 In a year when art, culture in general, became a plant of good news, it is still encouraging to discover that the season closes with a solidarity action.
 Las Camitas gathered hundreds of artists for the same purpose. More than 150 live in inland cities. Next Thursday, at 17.30, in the rooms 4, 5 and 6 of the cultural complex, the second part of the raffle will be held, destined for hospital aid. Source: (La Nación newspaper)