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Throughout these sixteen years, actions of a different character have been carried out, with the participation of established and emerging artists. All of them dealt with different social, political and economic problems in our country, topics related to public health, endangered natural resources, the topic of the other, survival in precariousness, gender, light, identity and the poetics of power.


Hunters 2023 Foundation

In 2002 Nora Correas, together with a group of fellow artists who would later form the Association of Visual Artists of the Argentine Republic (AAVRA), launched the call for “Las camitas” (first edition). An artistic action for charitable purposes that culminated in a donation to the Hospital Interzonal Dr. Diego Paroissien. In 2022 the 20th anniversary of the remembered project was completed. From the associations: Argentine Center of Textile Art; Argentine Center of Ceramic Art and Association of Visual Artists of the Argentine Republic, that call was reissued, in an effort to strengthen the collective and recognize the joint journey in defense of the rights of the artists of our country.

The artists intervened toy beds that they donated to the Las Camitas II project carried out in 2023. These works were raffled among those who acquired a contribution voucher.
The solidarity action was addressed, in this new edition, to the Uguet Mondaca Shelter, which works for the integration of women, girls and boys in vulnerable situations.
The Uguet Mondaca Shelter comprehensively addresses a social problem as complex as gender violence. The purpose of the Refuge is summarized in the words of Nancy: "We aspire to be able to improve the conditions of each of the spaces we have, to recreate as much as possible the feeling of being in a home that invites, for the first time, to be able to relax and unwind."

The Work


As visual artists, the approach to the subject of work seeks to put on the table the often invisible creative task. The theme of work crosses us all equally. No one can feel alien to any of the multiple readings of the concept. The work can be approached from so many places and points of view that it ends up becoming an infinite theme.
Work as a way of life, as a ganapán, in something similar or not to each individual. Work as a way of life, intellectual, craft, scientific, technical, artistic work. The job or the lack of it. Work as an aspiration, as a sentence, as a need, as a desire.

International Mail Art Show


In March 2020, the state of alarm was declared throughout the world, an unknown invisible virus, Covid 19, causes a global health crisis, isolates its inhabitants at home and puts all health personnel in alarm and dedication constant in their workplaces...

“...what the pandemic shows us is the importance of the invisible and it has always been structuring for art” “Art makes the invisible visible” Nicolas Bourriaud (Inclusions)
This exhibition has been our way of accompanying, defending, and making visible with our artistic languages, and from our poetics and perspectives, the medical personnel who selflessly worked in the Pandemic, evidencing the transformative power of art and its social relevance.

“Art is not going to save the world but it can help to see it with different eyes”.


Abril 2020

Espacio Lezama
The INTEGRACIÓN at Espacio LEZAMA exhibition had to be inaugurated on April 14, 2020. When we started working on it, the possibility of a pandemic due to an unknown virus occurred to us. Today what we can do is bring this digital catalog closer to them, it is an act of resistance. INTEGRATION was transformed into disintegration. We prefer silence ...


Mayo 2019

Centro Cultural Paco Urondo


Noviembre 2018

Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti


Mayo 2018

Centro Cultural San Martin


Marzo 2018

Centro Cultural Borges