2008- work in progress

Installation of CERAMIC pieces in a small format, consists of the pieces being presented inside a black box, with 2 holes on the sides, so that the Spectator must insert their hands to be able to meet the piece and discover it. The project proposes an INTEGRATION OF THE SENSES in the field of the arts visuals, since it is not just about visuality, but about passing through the experience aesthetics with other sensibilities. Integrating other communities in the world of the arts visuals, since doing experiences with blind people in which they had the opportunity to “see”, a sample of sculptures, from its particularities being able integrate into the world of plastics. It also actively integrates the viewer into the work, since without their participation and curiosity the work is meaningless. In this way it inaugurates a possibility of personal poetic thought. Enable a small circuit and short between the viewer and the work, and between the viewer and himself / herself.